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Philosophy, Aims

The Bachelor of Arts Hospitality & Tourism Management Program is meant to provide students with the academic skills coupled with practical know-how needed to succeed in the hotel, restaurant and tourism business. The program is dynamic and is tailored to accompany industry trends and reflect changing market needs. Major requirements have been formulated as to give students a strong sense of managerial responsibilities needed in hotels, restaurants and the tourism sector as well as the basic practical know-how essential to supervise and later manage potential employees efficiently.


To give an understanding of tourism, its development and impact on the economy in general.
To foster an understanding of the social trends in travel and the management of hotels.
To study the Cyprus tourism market within the economic development of personnel and resources in a socio-economic setting with emphasis on human behavior, social factors and business acumen.
To give students an opportunity to recognize, enhance, acquire and practice the skills which are a normal requirement of a business career.
To give students an education that in style and scope is the most appropriate and effective for the kinds of service that the business industry legitimately demands.
To develop skills to facilitate perception, diagnosis and analysis of business situations and enhance the creative and prescriptive ability to tackle them.
To develop the technological awareness which will enable students to keep abreast of changes and developments in the field of management?
To give an understanding of the features and techniques of business planning and control.
To introduce students to the complex technological systems that will encounter in the working world.
To help students develop applied professional skills via case studies, research assignments, workshops, employment programs.
To give students the opportunity during summers, to gain practical experience in the hospitality business.

Career Prospects

Graduates will expect to be hired in supervisory/managerial positions in hotels, restaurants, catering companies, travel agencies, airline companies and many other related businesses.


Normal duration of the program is four years (eight semesters), during which it is expected that the student will have successfully completed the required credits in order to graduate.

Foreign Language Requirements

12 Credits, 16 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
French Language & Culture I 3 4
French Language & Culture II 3 4
German Language & Culture I 3 4
German Language & Culture II 3 4
Greek Language & Culture I 3 4
Greek Language & Culture II 3 4
Italian Language & Culture I 3 4
Italian Language & Culture II 3 4
Russian Language & Culture I 3 4
Russian Language & Culture II 3 4

Computer Requirements

6 Credits, 11 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
Computer Applications (R) 3 5
Introduction to Multimedia 3 6
Web Development 3 6
E – Commerce 3 6
Management Information Systems 3 6

Math Requirements

9 Credits, 16 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
College Algebra (R) 3 4
Statistical Applications in Business (R) 3 6
Applied Business Mathematics 3 6
Calculus 3 6

English Language Requirements

9 Credits, 17 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
College English 3 5
Academic English 3 6
Business Communications 3 6

Liberal Arts Requirements

9 Credits, 15 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
Introduction to Cypriot History 3 5
Western Civilization 3 5
Modern Europe 3 5
Philosophy 3 5
Introduction to Psychology 3 5
Introduction to Sociology 3 5
Business Ethics 3 5
Business & Society 3 5