Prospective Students

How do I get admission at the college?
Prospective students may send their academic documents and passport copy to the admissions office throughout the year.

What are the criteria for admission?
The minimum admission requirement is 12 years of schooling (11 for Russians). INC admits qualified students from varied geographical, cultural, economic, racial and religious backgrounds. Applications will be considered on the basis of academic ability, character, activities and motivation.

What is the next step after I send you my application and needed documents for admission?
The Admissions office will evaluate your academic documents and send a conditional offer letter. The student must then proceed to prepare and send all attested documents including the application fee of 150 Euros (non-refundable) before the deadline specified by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. The college will then proceed to the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus where we will receive the approval of your documents.

How long does it take to receive the admission letter from the college?
Upon approval by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, we will send you the official admission letter. This procedure normally takes up to one week.

What do I do after I receive my admission letter from the college?
The college will inform you when you should proceed for the visa interview at the Cyprus Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in your country. At this point you should prepare your self for the interview.

When do I receive my entry permit to Cyprus?
Upon successful visa interview, you should transfer to the college account the tuition fees and visa deposit. The college will then send the college and bank receipt where the student should provide to the Cyprus Embassy/High Commission/Consulate and issue the visa. The visa in normally issued for 15 days.

What will happen if I do not succeed in obtaining an entry permit (visa)?
Depending on the reason of rejection, the student may apply for the next intake.

What are the steps to be followed to complete my enrolment with college?
1. Arrival at the Airport: InterNapa College Staff will pick you up and take you to your Temporary Accommodation
2. Arrival at the College/ Registration: Submit your documents to the Admissions Office
3. Orientation: Admissions office will give you a welcome presentation explaining you about Cyprus, College, and your registration procedures needed until Enrolment
4. Placement Test: After Orientation you will take the English and Math Test to determine your level.
5. Account Department: Any outstanding fees or expenses must be to Accounts Department
6. Placement Test Results – College Enrolment
7. Blood Test & X-Rays: You will directed by the Admissions office for these tests in order to get your Pink Slip approval
8. Immigration Registration: After paper submission to Immigration Authorities, you will be issues your Pink Slip Card. Process usually takes up to 3-4 moths.

When do you advise me to come to Cyprus after I receive my entry permit?
For each semester there’s a deadline when the student can come to Cyprus. The student will be informed by our admission office regarding the deadline.

Who will pick me up at the Larnaca International Airport?
A college representative will pick up the student from airport. The student should inform the college at least one week before the arrival.

What is accommodation and living costs in Cyprus?
Accommodation (Approximately) € 100 per month
Living Expenses (Approximately) € 200 per month

Will the college arrange accommodation for me when I come to Cyprus?
The college arrange beforehand the student’s accommodation which is payable by the student.

What must I bring with me when I arrive at Larnaca International airport?
i. At least 2000 Euros in cash. Bank drafts or credit cards are not accepted.
ii. Original stamped receipts for the money transferred, and college receipts
iii. Copy of Official Admission Letter issued by INC
iv. A valid passport for at least two years + copy stamped by High Commission / Consulate/ Embassy
v. Academic Documents (original and copies stamped by High Commission / Consulate/ Embassy)
vi. Certificate of Good Conduct (original and copy stamped by High Commission / Consulate/ Embassy)
vii. Financial guarantee (original and copy stamped by High Commission/Consulate/Embassy)
viii. Blood Test and X-ray Reports (original and copy stamped by High Commission / Consulate/ Embassy)
ix. An open-date return air ticket valid for one year
x. Copy of Visa

What is the purpose of the medical examination?
A medical examination must also be conducted upon arrival to Cyprus as specified by the Migration Authorities of Cyprus. Should a student carry any of any of the following (Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, AIDS or Tuberculosis) the student will not be allowed to stay in Cyprus.

What will happen if my English proficiency level is not up to the college benchmark standard?
Depending on student’s proficiency level, he/she may be placed into an Intensive English Language Program/Foundation Course, f or one or maximum two semesters. S tudents with qualifications in English language such as TOEFL with minimum sc ore 525 (electronic 196) or IGCSE with a grade of at least “C” or IELTS with a minimum 5.5 overall band score, will be able to follow normal program requirements (as described in individual program pathways).

What is the climate of Cyprus?
Sunshine is the order of nearly every day on the island of Cyprus, which has a typical Mediterranean climate. The weather in Cyprus is characterized by long, hot and dry summers and mild winters, punctuated by brief autumn and spring seasons. The best time to travel to Cyprus is during summer when blue skies are guaranteed, and gentle sea breezes moderate the heat on the coastal resorts. During winter temperatures remain pleasant, but there can be snow and rainfall in the interior Troodos Mountains.