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Philosophy, Aims

At INC the Culinary Arts Diploma follows industry trends and market needs applying modern concepts about food and food production. The diploma program aims to prepare students for careers in the foodservice industry in kitchens at entry level positions in restaurants and hotels that will lead to supervisory / managerial positions in the near future. The program offers a combination of classroom theory, practical application and industrial training.


To introduce the fundamentals of cooking, pastry and baking preparation through multivariate food, sweet and bread preparations.
To allow students to develop technical skills and theoretical knowledge in food preparation (hot and cold) through a systematic approach to quality and quantity food production.
To enable students to become familiar with the professional vocabulary of the specific field as well as to gain knowledge in food and beverage service and its importance in the hospitality industry.
To develop a critical mindset and judgment in food preparation, cooking degree level and tastes.
To become familiar with the basic principles of Dietary Cuisine, with the origins of International, European and Ethnic Cuisine.
To understand and learn about organizational and management skills and abilities required in kitchen management.
To familiarize students with the basics of food hygiene and sanitation.
To assist students to develop their talent in culinary creativity and artistic skills.

Career Prospects

Graduate should expect to starts their careers in kitchens at entry level-positions in restaurants and hotels that will lead them to supervisory/managerial positions in the near future.


Normal duration of the program is two years (four semesters), during which it is expected that the student will have successfully completed the required credits in order to graduate.

Program Pathway

  Credits ECTS
Major Requirements 31 57
Hospitality Requirements 12 24
Foreign Language Requirements 06 08
Business Requirements 03 06
Computer Requirements 03 05
English Language Requirements 03 05
General Electives 09 15
Total to graduate 67 Credits 120 ECTS

Hospitality Requirements

12 Credits, 24 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
Introduction to Hospitality Management 3 6
Restaurant Operations Management 3 6
Nutrition 3 6
Food & Beverage Cost Control 3 6

Foreign Language Requirements

6 Credits, 8 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
French Language & Culture I 3 4
French Language & Culture II 3 4

Business Requirements

3 Credits, 6 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
Introduction to Accounting I  3 6

Computer Requirements

3 Credits, 5 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
Computer Applications 3 5

English Language Requirements

3 Credits, 5 ECTS

Course Credits ECTS
College English 3 5