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Program Purpose

At INC the Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management follows industry trends and market needs applying modern concepts to reparing graduates for the hospitality and tourism industries. The program aims at delivering quality education through academic commitment and social responsibility, preparing students to excel in their future endeavours in an industry where the trends are a reflection of human needs. It offers a combination of classroom theory, practical application and industry training preparing students to assume different roles in this rapidly changing industry. The structure of the program has a solid academic background allowing students to continue after their diploma towards a bachelor’s degree.

Entry Requirements

Min. 50% on your Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Program Objectives

Understand the tourism and hospitality industry and its impact on the economy in general.

  •  Understand the social trends in travel and the management of hotels.
  •  Study the economic development of personnel and resources in a socio-economic setting with emphasis on human behaviour, social factors and business acumen.
  •  Develop skills to facilitate perception, diagnosis and analysis of business situations enhancing the creative and perspective ability to tackle them.

Career Prospects

The hospitality and tourism management Diploma combines hospitality and tourism management courses with practical skills to prepare students for supervisory positions on graduation.


Normal duration of the program is two years (four semesters), during which it is expected that the student will have successfully completed the required credits in order to graduate.

Program Pathway

Hospitality Requirements

25 Credits, 50 ECTS

Tourism Requirements

6 Credits, 12 ECTS

Foreign Language Requirements

6 Credits, 8 ECTS

Business Requirements

6 Credits, 12 ECTS

Computer Requirements

3 Credits, 5 ECTS
Course Credits ECTS
Computer Applications 3 5

Math Requirements

3 Credits, 4 ECTS
Course Credits ECTS
College Algebra 3 4

English Language Requirements

06 Credits, 11 ECTS
Course Credits ECTS
College English 3 5
Academic English 3 6

General Electives

09 Credits, 16 ECTS