Accredited Programs

All the programs of the College are accredited which can help you transfer your credits to any University in the world

Value for Money Fees

Based on the amenities and services we offer to our students, we offer a highly competitive college fee package.

Reputable Internships

Our annual job fair attracts well known hospitality and tourism organizations where students will get the chance to gain experience from industry leaders.

Ideal Location

Located between two major European tourism destinations: Ayia Napa & Protaras, students have the chance to enjoy their educational years on the island.

Transfer Opportunities

Our strong partnerships with leading universities means our graduates can save both time and money.

Why Cyprus

Gorgeous Weather – The Whole Year
Cyprus enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with dry summers from May to October, and mild winters December to February. Summers are warm with temperatures reaching highs of 32-38° C with cloudless skies and sea breezes creating a pleasant atmosphere in the coastal areas. Winter temperatures vary around 12-18° C during the day.

INC's Partnerships

Our partnernships are specifically made to best compliment your studies and enable you to fulfil your full potential.