Admission Requirements

Regular Admission: recognised high school leaving certificate with a minimum grade 12/20.

Special Admission: recognised high school leaving certificate with a grade below 12/20(registered with load limits).

Transfer Admission: based on a transfer evaluation by the prospective program coordinator and the guidelines of the Ministry of Education & Culture.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is credit earned at accredited colleges or universities, or other approved institutions which is transferable to InterNapa College. All courses are evaluated individually. Applicants accepted to the College from abroad or students already registered at the College with such qualifications may request transfer evaluation and be accepted on advanced standing. Students from other Cypriot higher education institutions transferring to InterNapa College may request transfer evaluation prior to the commencement of the semester. Such transfer requests must then be approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Migration Department. 


Maximum credits transferred 15 for certificate, 30 for diploma, 45 for higher diploma and 60 for degree

No English courses can be transferred

Only courses with grade C+ and over will be accepted

InterNapa students transferring credits from one major to another can do so without these restrictions but their transfers must then be approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Migration Department.

In order to receive a transfer credit evaluation report the following must be provided:

  • A transfer evaluation form together with a non-refundable fee (applies only in cases of transferring credit from external institutions).
  • Information and documentation about the accreditation status of the foreign institution together with official diplomas/certificates in the original language.
  • Official transcripts in the original language (name of course, grades, and hours of instruction).
  • Official course descriptions (subject matter, method of assessment and prerequisite courses).
  • Documents not in the English/Greek language must be accompanied by certified English translations.
  • Academic catalogues of institutions illustrating main policies with course codes, regulations, course descriptions and program curriculum.
  • No credit is awarded for courses assessed only by oral examination.
  • No refund will be made if a request is denied.

INC accepts the transfer of credits from International Testing Organizations and examination bodies as listed below (this list is not exhaustive and other similar examinations may be accepted for transfer): 

General Certificate of Education (GCE) – Advanced (“A”) Level 

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Proficiency Examination Program (PEP)