InterNapa at a Glance

Our Profile

InterNapa College is a private institution of higher education registered with the Ministry of Education & Culture of the Republic of Cyprus to award its own Bachelor, Higher Diploma and Diploma programs.

InterNapa College was established as G. Takkas Educational College in 2003 to offer higher education on a broad, liberal and modern basis and is open to all without distinction of gender, religion or race. In 2007 the College in its efforts to evolve as a modern higher education institution of the area changed its name to “InterNapa College” (INC) to more closely identify with the broader geographical area.

The College offers programs in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Culinary Arts. All INC programs are accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation (CYQAA).


InterNapa College is hosted in two close-by locations, Marthelenio and Yiorkios, which support academic and administrative activities respectively.

The main building, the Marthelenio Building, consists of the faculty offices, department of academic affairs, lecture halls, kitchen lab, computer lab, personal support worker lab, the canteen and educational restaurant.


The building Yiorkios is 100m away from the Marthelenio building, and houses the library on the ground floor and on the first floor the offices of the managing director, accounts and admissions.

The library is a significant part of our educational environment and is open to students, faculty, and members of the College as well as the local community. The library is staffed by a full time librarian qualified and experienced in library operation, it offers an area for study and research as well as computer/internet access.

It comprises of over 5000 books and periodicals, providing easy access to information to all students and faculty. All books are organized according to the Dewey decimal classification system and supported by an especially dedicated computer network. The bibliographical information for each book is entered into the library software ABEKT. The library can access electronic databases providing an additional resource for online research, enabling faculty and personnel access to a plethora of peer-reviewed articles from a number of periodicals.

Books are loaned out until 16.45.
The use of the computers is allowed from 9.15 – 16.45.
Hours are subject to change during exam times and holidays.


Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00

INC Learning Facilities & Resources

The INC facilities support the scholarly education of its students as well as the development of its faculty. Further, facilities support the administration offices and vocational / professional training that take part at the College. All these facilities are part of the strategic plan regarding further expansion of the campus (INC Strategic Plan 2025). This is related to the quality of the provided programs, academic, vocational and professional.

Digital Learning Tools

Digital means and tools such as the Moodle, Zoom and Office 365 are used in order to enrich the learning process at INC. These tools are available and in use by the faculty members and students, offering a complete package for complementing the traditional in – class teaching methods with other equally effective teaching and learning approaches.


Pluralism in educational tools are readily available to support the learning activities organized by faculty members for students. Teaching classrooms are spread out on the ground, first, second and basement floors of the Marthelenion Building. Each classroom includes a projector, internet access and air – conditioning units for cool and warm air.


The student-centric philosophy of the teaching environment along with the students’ learning experience is a priority for INC faculty and management. This is particularly evident in the innovation investment and infrastructure developments that have further taken place on the second floor. A modern and sophisticated amphitheater adds unique value to the programs of study. This can be additionally used to accommodate major events and visits of distinguished visiting professors, scholars or industry experts.

Multi-Purpose Demonstration Lab

The quality of instruction and student learning experience are enhanced with a new demonstration multi-purpose lab equipped with automated teaching audiovisual technology and high standard demonstration facilities. These lab facilities are also used for training and development seminars for professionals that may utilize students for their development.

Conference Room

The conference room can provide a simulation environment of a real executive conference room. It is equipped with necessary audiovisual means and Wi-Fi needed to run a successful business meeting.


The library has over 3500 books and its concept stimulates the digitalization of the learning process, advancing the means used for study and cognitive development. Moreover, electronic resources such as the internationally renowned scholarly databases EBSCO and ABI/INFORM Global of the ProQuest platform are available. As a result, students have access to thousands of journals including hospitality, culinary, as well as trade, business and finance publications/reports that are invaluable for faculty and student research. Further, to support the learning process the Academic Video Online (AVON) comprehensive collection of business videos is available. Also, the library includes a small learning room (computers are available) to support group work and individual learning. Telecommunication technologies (Wi-Fi, Moodle, Office 365) are also available and act as motivational tools for the students in acquiring digital skills. The library is also available to the local community or college business partners.

Computer Lab

The computer lab accommodates 18 students working individually or in groups and it is fully equipped with all audiovisual means. The computer lab, beyond the computer training itself, is to be transformed into a simulator training centre where faculty members and students will have a complete opportunity to be trained in various software including project management, reservations, food and beverage management, human resource management systems, customer relationship management, customer revenue management etc.

Faculty Offices

Faculty offices are situated on the ground floor of the main building providing to faculty all required conveniences such as computers with all the basic programs, printers, internet access, air – conditioning. Each faculty member has their own comfortable office private space. The receptionist’s office is also at the entrance of the main building to accommodate all students.

Bar & Beverage Training Station

The bar & beverage training station is organized in two sections: bar & service and storeroom. It is located in the basement and is fully equipped with facilities and utensils to support all beverage operations and to provide any kind of service as required by the curriculum or extra curriculum activities. The bar additionally supports the service of the restaurant.

Culinary Lab

The College has a fully equipped commercial kitchen to cover all the professional and educational needs of culinary teaching & learning. It is located in the basement and is used for culinary courses and practice. It collaborates with the bar & service departments for wine and beverage pairing. It fully conforms to HACCP standards and can accommodate up to 24 students. It is divided into different sections (separated areas) according to industry standards: garde manger, butchery, fish preparation, pastry & bakery and dishwashing area and the main kitchen area for hot food preparation.

Training Restaurant

The training restaurant offers a complete concept of a commercial restaurant with professional seating and tables arrangements. It is connected to the kitchen facilities and acts as a restaurant training centre accommodating up to forty ‘customers’, This as an area for culinary students to prepare full set menus and a training area for service for Hospitality and Bartending students. The restaurant serves as the institutional laboratory for training students in restaurant operations, management and food beverage service.