F.A.Q's - Current Students

All admitted students must choose the required and elective courses for that semester of their academic program with the assistance of their academic advisor. Then all students have to register with the registrar.

Each student is assigned an academic advisor to assist them in their choice of courses and advice them on a regular basis on the progress of their studies and the subsequent requirements to graduate.

If it is not too late students may still register but a late registration fee is charged.

Each course normally awards the student 3 credits(6 ECTS). This means that the class is normally three teaching hours per week per semester.

As per the regulations of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus, a student has to take at least 15 credits per semester. This translates into 5 courses per semester. Anything below 15 credits(30 ECTS) is considered part time study. Only EU students can enroll as part time students.

Annual student fees allow study for 10 courses, 5 courses for each of the two main semesters. It is possible though to take up to 6 courses (18 credits) per semester. Students may in fact take up to 21 credits if their CPA (grade average) is 3,30 and above or if it is the last semester before graduation and with the agreement of the academic advisor. The fee for one credit is 150 €.

Initial registration at the College
Documents needed:

  • M61 Form – Application for the Renewal of a Temporary Resident’s Permit
  • M153 Form – Aliens Registration Data Entry
  • Declaration
  • Bank Guarantee from college
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical exams from Cyprus attested by governmental doctor (Blood Test & XRay Test)
  • Bank Statement from Cyprus
  • Receipt that the fees were sent to the College
  • House Contract
  • Registration confirmation
  • Attested School Certificates (Secondary and Higher Secondary Certificate), Original Bank Letter, Original Police Clearance Certificate and Original Medical Exams from student’s country)
  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Fees for renewal of visa and for alien registration certificate

Renewal of Pink Slip – Documents needed:

  • M61 Form – Application for the Renewal of a Temporary Resident’s Permit
  • Declaration
  • Bank Guarantee from the College
  • Registration confirmation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Grade Reports
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Pink Slip
  • Bank Statement
  • Money Transfer Receipt
  • House Contract
  • 1 passport size photograph
  • Fees for renewal of pink slip

A student in consultation with the academic advisor may make changes to their originally registered courses and drop or add certain courses during the first two weeks of the semester. There is no change to tuition fees if the student load remains 15 credits.

A student may withdraw from courses up to two weeks before the final examination week. This means that a “W” is inscribed on his/her semester grade report and transcript.

The instructor of a specific course has the right to Administratively Withdraw a student with more than 20% absences from courses up to two weeks before the final examination week or if the academic performance is judged to be not satisfactory. The letters “AW” will be inscribed on the student’s grade report and transcript.

A withdrawal does not affect the grade average.

The course will need to be retaken later and paid for again. Repeated withdrawals on a transcript do not show good academic performance and does not look good either with immigration authorities on renewal of pink slips.

GradeScale out of 4Scale out of 100
A4.0090 – 100
B+3.5085 – 89
B3.0080 – 84
C+2.5075 – 79
C2.0070 – 74
D+1.5065 – 69
D1.0060 – 64
F0.00Below 60

A student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) for each semester is determined by the following procedure:
The number of grade points (based on the grade earned in each course) in any one semester, is multiplied by the number of credits that the course carries.
The product of such multiplication, for all courses taken in a semester, is added to get the total number of quality points.
The total number of quality points is then divided by the total number of credits the student has attempted in the semester to obtain the GPA.
The calculation of the Cumulative Point Average (CPA) follows the same procedure for all semesters except that it is based on all the courses for which the student has registered since the day he/she has enrolled at the College

A grade report can be obtained by submitting a grade report request form to the registrar. A grade report lists the courses and grades for one semester.

A transcript gives details of academic performance at the College for all courses taken for all semesters. It includes the GPA for the semester and CPA for all semesters.

Scholarships are awarded by INC on the basis of academic merit, financial necessity and personal achievement to selected home and international students either at the beginning or during their studies.
Entrance Scholarships
INC awards entrance scholarships, both full and partial, to students who have obtained an “A” average in their high school leaving certificate. A partial entrance scholarship covers the tuition fees for one semester whereas a full entrance scholarship covers the tuition fees for one academic year or two semesters.
Continuing Scholarships
All home/international students are automatically eligible for scholarships on the basis of their previous performance at INC. Continuing scholarships are available after completion of the second semester (not including foundation courses) on the basis of the CPA earned for the two semesters (successfully completed a minimum of 30 credits). After the first year, scholarships are given on the basis of the CPA (successfully completed a minimum 15 credits each semester). A CPA of 4.0 qualifies for €650 scholarship, and a CPA of 3.50-3.99 qualifies for €450 scholarship for the next semester and thereafter as long as the CPA is maintained at this level.

A student can change from a diploma to a degree or any other program by submission of a change of major form at the beginning of a semester and subsequent consideration by the College and Ministry of Education and Culture.

Registered students at INC, have the right to use the library including borrowing books as long as they bring their library card that is issued to registered students.