Life in Ayia Napa

A very popular European tourist resort, right by InterNapa College, lots of places to visit and go out, plus the biggest waterpark in the Mediterranean, a funfair and 14 Blue Flag Beaches, Ayia Napa is the place to be if you are looking for a quality student life.

Ayia Napa is packed with tourists during the summer season, it does however get quieter during college semesters which means there is lots of good affordable accommodation and good environment to study. 

Things to do:

Ayia Napa is a big resort with loads going on day and night throughout the summer. There are shops with everything from souvenirs and beach wear to jewelry and designer label fashion. You can bungee jump, ride the slingshot, ride a bucking bronco or scuba dive.

Ayia Napa has a 14th century monastery, an ancient aqueduct, a museum and several churches. There are sea caves, a national forest park area and bicycle paths. Go to the gorgeous beaches, soak up some nature, be a culture vulture or dance till dawn. Whatever activities you’re looking for, Ayia Napa will not disappoint.

Accommodation & living expenses:

As a popular summer resort, Ayia Napa has lots of options in regards with accommodation. Landlords, usually prefer to rent their properties to students which will stay for the full year there rather than renting them to tourists for the short summer period. This means you can manage to get a pretty good deal if you search carefully.

Living costs go down if you choose to share your accommodation with other students. Food and other commodities are cheap, as long as you learn where to shop and avoid the expensive tourist places.

Internship Opportunities:

Ayia Napa’s tourism profile, makes it ideal for your summer Internships, as you can select to gain your valuable experience from a variety of businesses(hotels and restaurants).

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