Training & Development

InterNapa College (INC) provides accredited programs of study in higher education. It is registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus and has the right to award its own Diplomas and Bachelor degrees and certificates  professional and industry related training. Graduates of INC have the added advantage of continuing their studies at universities in Europe, the United States and other universities around the world. Since 2018, InterNapa College has become an approved professional training center by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.  InterNapa College is committed to building an inclusive community, and providing resources and support to students and trainees to learn, develop and grow in their personal and professional pursuits. InterNapa College has received wide acceptance in the Famagusta district as an academic education and professional training institution. Our target is to continue to maintain a high standard of education, accredited programs and professional training within the wider Cyprus educational sector

The mission at InterNapa College Professional Training Centre remains persistent and a critical benchmark for key strategic choices. At InterNapa College Professional Training Centre we help students and trainees see the mission as a blueprint for their education and professional training, and understand that their success in developing as responsible professionals will result from a high quality, multi-faceted learning and training experience. In addition, faculty, trainers and staff know that the mission serves as the framework within which all policies, strategies and decisions are defined and carried out.

InterNapa College Professional Training Centre’s mission is to continue to develop as a Professional Training Centre by fostering a learning environment where trainees, trainers and administrative personnel and stakeholders strive ethically to achieve professional and personal development in a highly competitive labor market. The mission is based on seven central components:

• Exceptional Learning Environment

• Faculty and Student Development

• Professional Accomplishment

• Multicultural Integration and Diversity

• Integrity and Civility

• Life Long Learning

• Corporate Social Responsibility

The Centre is dedicated in providing professional and vocational training programs that develop individual abilities, enrich professional competencies and strengthens human relationships. It enhances community welfare, and increase consciousness, with diversity as a source of renewal and vitality. The professional and vocational training programs are modeled on European training standards, providing trainees with diverse employability opportunities. Thus, continuous assessment of the training achievement (learning outcome) is a continuous process necessary for benchmarking in order to achieve professional improvement and growth in order to:

• Deliver professionalism through teaching, research, analysis, debate, study and service

• Provide a network to both employees and trainees 

• Offer quality training programs responsive to a multicultural environment

• Select and retain qualified trainers and support their development.

• Act as an incubator of ideas and knowledge transferors to the business community

• Support the training programs through adequate resources

• Be acknowledged as a well-established professional training center 

• Obtain financial prosperity for its shareholders and the future growth of the Center 


Services Provided by INC Training & Development Center (KEK):

• Custom made seminars for companies (to be approved by the HRDA)
• Approved seminars by HRDA for multiple companies
• Consultancy services
• Recruitment and training of staff