INC Disability Policy


To provide an environment where students with a Disability are appropriately supported and encouraged and are free from discrimination or harassment.

Policy Statement

The purpose of this Policy is to:

·        Promote and foster an environment which encourages positive, informed and unprejudiced attitudes towards people with a Disability.

·        Implement procedures for any reasonable adjustments needed by students with a Disability.

·        Ensure that positive and practical steps will be undertaken to enable people with disabilities to seek employment or student enrolment within the INC.

·        Employ all reasonable and appropriate teaching strategies and methods without compromising the essential content of a course or the requirement to demonstrate essential skills or knowledge.


·        The INC supports the principle of universal access for all students, including those with a Disability, to its services and facilities. The INC will strive to ensure that no students are disadvantaged in their participation in any aspect of INC life because of a Disability.

·        The INC commits to the provision of a study environment where students will not be subject to discrimination or harassment because of a Disability. Discrimination, harassment, vilification and victimization are covered in more detail in the INC’s Employee Equity and Diversity Policy.

·        The INC aims, as far as possible, to eliminate Disability discrimination; to ensure that people with disabilities have the same rights as the rest of the community; and to promote recognition and acceptance of these rights within the campus community.


Disclosure of a Disability by a Student

Students who have an illness or Disability, who wish the INC to adjust a process, policy or procedure or wish the INC to provide reasonable adjustments including exam adjustments, Disability support workers or assistive technology such as equipment or other physical aids, must first register with Disability Resources and disclose the nature and extent of the illness or Disability.

The documentation provided should be specific and:

·        State the impairment, mental health or medical condition.

·        Indicate whether the Disability is permanent, temporary, or fluctuating.

·        Outline the impact on the student.

·        Recommend reasonable accommodations.

·        Clearly identify the health professional and their credentials.

·        Be legible, on a letterhead, dated and signed.

All information collected by the INC on the student’s Disability will be in accordance with the INC’s Privacy Policy. No information will be disclosed without signed consent from the student.

Reasonable adjustment

Reasonable adjustments for students are measures taken by the INC to enable students to have full access to the provision of all educational services on the same basis as students without a Disability such as:

·        Admission and enrolment

·        Participation in a course or program

·        Use of facilities and services

The adjustment may take the form of an aid, or a service that the student requires because of their Disability.

Appropriate adjustments will be provided in consultation with the student, within a reasonable time after notification of the need for adjustments. Adjustments provided for students with disabilities must meet the academic requirements of the course or program studied as well as any inherent or essential requirements or components of the course of study.

The adjustments may include:

·        Extensions of time

·        Use of assistive technology

·        A separate room

·        Use of reader, scribe or computer where necessary

·        Use of ergonomic chair

·        Alternative formatting of exam papers

·        Negotiation of an alternative assessment.

All reports are examined by the Academic Committee for the final decision or the examination of any disability discrimination or harassment case.