Erasmus+ Mobility

InterNapa College is proud to announce that it participates in the Erasmus+ 2014-2020 programme. Erasmus+ is the EU programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. With a budget of €14.7 billion for 2014-2020 it provides opportunities for over 4 million participants to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad.

It is a unique programme which seeks to boost the job prospects and personal development of young people, as well as help our education, training and youth systems deliver teaching and learning that gives people the skills they need in today’s labour market and society, as well as in the future.

InterNapa College has recently obtained the award for the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education:

Erasmus Policy Statement (Overall Strategy)

International Strategy

InterNapa College (INC) was established in 2003 to offer tertiary education on a broad, liberal and modern basis.The name InterNapa is to identify the College to the broader geographical area: the Famagusta region and Ayia Napa.
The College is making efforts to expand its cooperation programmes. Through local partners, the college has been involved in consultancy and training schemes through the European Social Fund to regional SMEs. In these programs the College has been involved in recruiting SMEs in to the program, faculty have been involved in consultancy and training of these organizations and the facilities of the College were used for training of these organizations. 

INC has from its outset attracted international students from EU and non-EU countries for its short cycle and first cycle programs in Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts and Business Administration.

Students take advantage of the internship programs that the College arranges for its students in the local hospitality region. Partner institutions are chosen on the basis of similar interests such as internalization, mobility and similar academic programs.


INC is making efforts to increase student and staff mobility and network opportunities and expand multilateral collaborative projects on a European level. In 2017 INC was awarded the Erasmus Charter. Mobility is paramount in the College strategy for purposes of personal and career development. The College location at the center of the local tourist industry makes it a perfect location for students wishing to take advantage of the Erasmus programme to enhance their knowledge and skills in the hospitality sector through internship opportunities via college links in the region.

The INC mission is to continue to develop as a college of higher education by fostering a learning environment where students, faculty, personnel and stakeholders strive ethically to achieve their goals and fulfil their social responsibilities. We at INC dedicate all our efforts in providing students personal support to excel academically, professionally and socially for today and the future. A large percentage of the student body is international more precisely from third countries who are most keen to explore the possibilities of the European Union. Our college provides students the opportunity to become familiar with the local language of Greek, to study English and to experience the global environment.

By participating in the Erasmus programme we aim to offer students, faculty and other human resources opportunities to enrich academic and professional experiences and appreciate and become closer to our European culture. Within the Erasmus programme we will provide opportunities for mobility, networking and cooperation with higher education institutions, other institutions and placement in businesses in Erasmus projects and networks. The College has so far not offered joint degree programs though we have researched the possibility of franchise programs with British university franchise programs and Asian institutions.

Organisation and implementation of international cooperation projects

The College is active in international cooperation programs through the office of the Student Affairs Director. Such cooperation allows international students to gain InterNapa qualifications. The College has collaborated locally on the European Social Fund with local Cypriot partners offering consultancy and training to Famagusta SMEs. It has been involved in recruiting organizations for the program, faculty have offered consultancy and training to these organizations and the College facilites are used for the training programs. The College is located in the heart of a tourist and agricultural region that would combine well for this program. INC is very aware of the need of the Famagusta region in which it is located to participate in European programs for the purposes of teaching and training and to expand European cooperation..

Policy objectives

InterNapa College is accutely aware of its social contribution as the only college in the Famagusta region to have close links with Erasmus, local industry, education and local municipalities. The College is continuously improving with its programs being nationally accredited and offering higher education programs relevant to the needs of the local region increasing the graduates’ employability rates for the local industry. In designing its programs, whether academic or vocational, the College collaborates closely with local municipalities and local chamber of commerce to offer programs needed by the region. The College intends to strengthen mobility by offering locals the opportunity to join European programs and cross-border co-operation and by offering Europeans the opportunity to join such programs in the Famagusta region. InterNapa College strongly applies the knowledge triangle by offering a link to higher education, business strengthening and regional development.

Erasmus Outgoing Students Recognition

Policy objectives

All passed courses taken by students on Erasmus exchange programmes will be accepted onto InterNapa College programs after ratification by the by the academic committee. Courses to be taken abroad must follow prior acceptance of the equivalent of each course by the college academic advisor.

The recognition of the courses taken abroad, the ECTS and work placement information is shown on the Diploma Supplement provided to each student

Erasmus Incoming Students

Staff Mobility