Eighteen months (four semesters)

Master of Business Administration

Program Purpose

The purpose of the INC MBA program is to provide business management education to students interested in deepening and broadening their management skills within the context of the service economy. Students will develop sound knowledge, intellectual and transferable business skills to interpret management concepts in a competitive and innovation driven business environments.

The MBA program builds on information, theories, research and the creative synthesis of best practices from various disciplines including management, operations, marketing, accounting, economics, finance, digital business, human resources and talent management, innovation and strategic management. As reflecting practitioners and through experiential learning, students will develop entrepreneurial competencies and a quality oriented management culture in order to apply leadership, decision – making and critical thinking techniques to a wide variety of business situations and organizational settings. Graduates will be able to be employed in various private or public sector organizations or continue their studies.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor degree from an accredited college/university.

Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program students will be able to:
  • Comprehend strategic level understanding of current business practices and the relationships between core management disciplines and theories in order to reflect on business situations, organizational settings, change and innovation;
  • Become reflective management practitioners and develop a global entrepreneurial mind – set through theoretical and experiential learning in order to navigate the complex demands of current dynamic business environments;
  • Establish critical thinking skills through the use of quantitative tools and qualitative mechanisms, theories and organizational context in order to solve business problems, make decisions, and develop new business opportunities;
  • Improve professional and personal competencies in order to implement sustainable solutions to complex issues requiring multiple managerial skills and diverse capabilities;
  • Adopt ethical reasoning skills and professional values in performing their duties socially and responsibly as administrators;
  • Develop research competencies and their ability to implement new ideas and use written and oral communication skills.
Intended Learning Outcomes
Subject Knowledge and Understanding:
  • Demonstrate critical awareness and proficiency in organizational management issues, theories, methodologies and systems;
  • Acquire, as a manager or administrator, a deep understanding of the strategic management concerns and key functions of business enterprises that create value for organizations and their stakeholders;
  • Comprehend the key operations and digitalization of organizations and business enterprises in a globalized business environment;
  • Advance skills to analyse and manage significant business opportunities, which can be complex, uncertain and dynamic in nature;
  • Understand the interconnections between management courses and organizational contexts such as the political, economic, environmental, legal, social, technological and ethical and their impact at national, international or global level.
Intellectual skills:
  • Use critical and analytical thinking skills, qualitative or quantitative tools and models in effective decision making from a holistic business point of view;
  • Reflect on the business and management learning process and experience;
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mind – set, quality management and leadership style for cross-cultural and ethical business management in a global / European business outlook;
  • Progress on self – management competencies and development of written and oral, business communication skills;
  • Perform academic research and demonstrate academic independence in managing projects by synthesizing academic and practical knowledge and skills, applicable in real life situations;
  • Apply professional management competencies and skills developed in the program in order to foster organizational collaboration, communication and adaptability at individual, team, and organization levels.
Transferable skills
  • Use soft – skills, as a reflective professional management practitioner, in order to be able to apply new learning and management trends in changing business settings;
  • Integrate the principles of business quality, sustainable practices and the digital citizenship principles in anticipating market operations and competition;
  • Manage opportunities and emerging issues holistically in a complex, uncertain and dynamic business environment;
  • Implement qualitative or quantitative analytical skills and diagnostic problem-solving skills in data management for effective decision-making;
  • Demonstrate leadership competencies in the implementation of the management process in order to network, coordinate business activities, manage change and innovation and ensure organizational growth.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the INC MBA program could be employed, or could advance their careers if already employed, in various sectors of public and private business (hospitality, tourism, finance, administration, industrial and other service oriented companies) as junior managers, leaders or consultants. 


Normal duration of the program is eighteen months (four semesters), during which it is expected that the student will have successfully completed the required requirements to graduate.