Transfer Opportunities

As many of our students wish to continue their studies after graduation, we have developed collaborations with various institutions.

The College can assist students in their transfer applications to either these listed universities or to others that they might be interested in. 

List of Established Partnerships

UNB (Canada)

For Canada, the College maintains an articulation agreement with the University of Brunswick. On completion of their Diploma, INC may transfer to their third year of the Bachelor of Applied Management in Hospitality and Tourism program.

Visa Requirement: Visas are issued from Cyprus

B.H.M.S. (Switzerland)

For Switzerland InterNapa students may transfer to The Business & Hotel Management School in Lucerne City a prestigious educational center for hospitality studies after their first or second year of studies at InterNapa College.

Visa Requirement: Visas are issued from Switzerland.
However, our Admissions Office can aid you with your Visa application.

PIHMS (New Zealand)

For New Zealand, the College has partnered with the Pacific International Hotel Management School where students may do internships during their studies there. PIHMS is also committed in aiding InterNapa students with their visa application.

Visa Requirement: Visas are issued from Cyprus or you can apply directly online from New Zealand’s immigration website at

Please note:

Students have other transfer opportunities to other countries. In all cases, the College may help in the application process. However, each university maintains its own requirements such as CPA and English language requirements.