Internships & Work Permit

Students of the InterNapa College programs of Hospitality & Tourism Management and Culinary Arts have the added opportunity to undertake paid internships. Bachelor of Arts students take three such internships of four months duration. Studies during the two main semesters of Fall and Spring are followed by summer career oriented learning experiences. Course credit is awarded upon successful completion of each internship at the local quality Hospitality & Tourism industries. Students are eligible for internships after successfully completing two regular semesters at the College.

Each year the College organizes an annual job fair that hotels and restaurants attend to recruit students for variety of positions in the front office, restaurants and bars.

InterNapa College BA and Diploma Hospitality & Tourism Management as well as Culinary Arts Diploma students who have successfully completed two main semesters (Fall & Spring) in their program. Students to be eligible must attend classes regularly and maintain a good academic record.

All students who successfully complete their internship and have their logbook marked showing so will receive credit for this.

The period of the internship is during June 1st to September 30th (usually extendable until October 15th).

Internships are offered in the form of paid practical jobs in hotels for the Hospitality & Culinary students and at restaurants for culinary students.

Yes, all Internships offered from InterNapa College are paid at reasonable rates.

Positions are according to hotel and restaurant needs, but usually these are in: Front Office, Waiters, Bartenders, Cooks, Gardening, Housekeeping, and Laundry.

The College organizes a job fair usually in February of each year where local hoteliers and restaurant owners meet and choose candidate students.

The College internship coordinator will assist you to make agreements with a hotel or restaurant you choose and are eligible for. 

International students in Cyprus are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, in certain occupations of specific sectors of economic activity after at least six months of full-time study in Cyprus and after approval by the Cypriot Labour Offices.

Students must present the following documentation for a work permit.

Work Permit Documentation Check List: 
1. InterNapa College Registration Letter
2. Passport & Aliens Book
3. Valid Pink Slip
4. Complete Employment Contract (3 copies)
5. Shift Timetable

All of the above documentation must be submitted to the Labor Office for approval.
Address: Akropoleos 49, 5380, Dherynia
Tel: 23 812052

Note the following

During the period 1st of June – 15th October, students registered for their internship are allowed to work in hotels and restaurants.