2 Years, Diploma

Business Administration

Program Purpose

At INC the Diploma in Business Administration aims to provide students with a broad and thorough knowledge of the main features and practices of business organizations, present current comprehensive analysis of management theory and practices and to promote student understanding though applied innovative learning and teaching practices.

Entry Requirements

Min. 50% on your Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Program Objectives

  • To familiarize students with the main features and practices of business organizations.
  • To familiarize students with contemporary managerial theory, issues, implications and practices.
  • To familiarize students with the business environment and prepare them to face real business situations. 
  • To introduce students to the function of marketing and how it can be used to succeed in a competitive business environment.
  • To assist students to understand the need for change and development in business organizations.
  • To help students develop communication skills facilitating perception, analysis and diagnosis of business situations and enhance the required ability in tackling them.
  • To provide students with sound practical knowledge and experience in business computer applications.
  • To familiarize students with the business decision making process.
  • To introduce students and get them involved in research within the program of study.
  • To develop skills and understanding of financial issues in organizations.
  • To provide a solid ground for a variety of careers in business.
  • To allow students to tailor their program of studies to fit their interests and career aspirations.
  • To help students attain competence in taking external examinations.

Career Prospects

The business administration diploma program is vocational with an emphasis on a variety of business courses and practical skills preparing students for supervisory positions on graduation in different areas such as marketing, sales, administration or finance departments in different kinds of businesses.


Normal duration of the program is four years (eight semesters), during which it is expected that the student will have successfully completed the required credits in order to graduate.

Program Pathway

Credits ECTS
Major Requirements 24 48
Business Requirements 09 18
Computer Requirements 09 17
Math Requirements 06 10
English Language Requirements 06 16
General Electives 09 16
Total to Graduates: 63 Credits 120 ECTS

Major Requirements

24 Credits, 48 ECTS

Business Requirements

09 Credits, 18 ECTS

Computer Requirements

09 Credits, 17 ECTS

Math Requirements

06 Credits, 10 ECTS

English Language Requirements

06 Credits, 11 ECTS
Course Credits ECTS
College English 3 5
Academic English 3 6

General Electives

09 Credits, 16 ECTS