2 Years, Diploma

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Program Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the program is to expose students to a range of cognitive, technical and transferable competencies, following industry trends and market needs. The program develops professional skills, giving students opportunities to assume different occupations in a changing work environment. A combination of classroom theory, practical application and industry training will allow students to cultivate a customer-oriented hospitality service culture and enhance communication skills. Courses in food and beverage operations, rooms division, hospitality, business and languages have been developed to give students the necessary knowledge and skills for supervisory responsibilities in hospitality operations.


• Develop an understanding of the hospitality industry and its operations;
• Comprehend the hospitality functions and their interlinkages;
• Communicate effectively to diverse audiences;
• Facilitate a hospitality, customer-centric service culture;
• Apply effective supervisory techniques in hospitality operations.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The indented learning outcomes are divided in three sections:

Subject Knowledge and Understanding:
  • Develop the theoretical, technical and professional knowledge necessary for the hospitality operations; 
  • Comprehend the operations of the hospitality industry;
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of the issues underpinning the profession.
Intellectual Skills:
  • Comprehend hospitality concepts, frameworks and operations;
  • Foster a culture of client service and organizational excellence;
  • Develop decision-making and problem solving skills in changing hospitality situations;
  • Reflect on techniques to modernise professional knowledge and skills.
Transferable Skills:
  • Acquire, develop and implement the professional skills and competencies needed for a supervisory career in the hospitality industry;
  • Cultivate a hospitality culture of excellence;
  • Gain the experience necessary for a range of hospitality working environments.

Program Pathway

Hospitality Requirements

28 Credits, 56 ECTS

Tourism Requirements

6 Credits, 12 ECTS

Business Requirements

6 Credits, 12 ECTS

Computer Requirements

3 Credits, 5 ECTS
Course Credits ECTS
Computer Applications 3 5

Math Requirements

3 Credits, 4 ECTS
Course Credits ECTS
Business Mathematics 3 4

English Language Requirements

06 Credits, 11 ECTS
Course Credits ECTS
College English 3 5
Academic English 3 6

Foreign Language Requirements

6 Credits, 8 ECTS
Course Credits ECTS
French for Hospitality I 3 4
French for Hospitality II 3 4
Greek for Hospitality I 3 4
Greek for Hospitality II 3 4
Or any other Foreign Language Elective

General Education Electives

06 Credits, 12 ECTS